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Unlock new marketing potential with performance marketing and optimized websites for SMBs!


  • Commission based billing
  • Specialized in Google & Meta campaigns
  • Conversion rate optimization for sustainable growth


Carsten Seeberger Marketing & Media Inhaber Rund

From medium-sized businesses to start-ups.

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What we do.

We specialize in managing digital campaigns on Google and Facebook, as well as creating and optimizing websites and online stores so you can attract the most desirable customers. With our expertise, we help you target the right audience, generate more leads and increase your sales.

What is your goal?



We find suitable B2B leads or new applicants.

 Increase sales

Reach your target group and exploit the potential.

Gain awareness

Make your brand known and become visible.

Optimize conversion rate

Get more closings on purchases or leads.

Let's get started!


 ✓  Performance Marketing

We help you take your social media and Google Ads campaigns to the next level. Whether you want to generate leads, find new employees or increase the sales of your online store, our team is there for you.

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✓ Conversion rate optimization

Optimize your conversion rate with us and generate more sales and leads without increasing your ad spend. Get the most out of your budget and maximize your ROI with our targeted optimization strategies. Take advantage of our proven tactics and start generating higher conversions today.

Seeberger Marketing Highlights Font Website CRO


✓  Design for Websites & Onlineshops

We create customized and optimized websites and online stores that promote your brand and maximize your sales. With our expertise and dedication, we help you achieve your business goals and leave a lasting impression on your customers.

✓  Marketing consulting

Are you looking for the perfect tip or a comprehensive strategy for your online marketing? Then you've come to the right place - we'll advise you on all relevant topics so that you can achieve your online marketing goals. Our expert advice will ensure that you have the right tools and strategies to make your online marketing a success!

Why us?


 ✓  High Marketing Performance



✓ Partnership instead of customer



✓  Specialized



✓  Continuous training



Ready to start?